Great web design can take your company’s site from blah to standout with just a few simple changes. Since consumers are relying on websites for virtually everything these days, it is becoming increasingly important for your site to be competitive so that you can stand out among the competition. Web design trends are always changing, so it helps to know what’s new and now when creating your site. Here are the trends you should talk with your web designer about today.


Less is more for many of today’s most popular websites. A clean, minimal look makes the information on your site easy to process, and it helps readers know exactly what they should focus on. However, minimal doesn’t have to mean boring. Some of the most dramatic websites out there are actually very minimal. Each page of a minimal site should have one focal point with no distractions. Clean typography, solid colors, or dramatic photos that can fill an entire page are great ways to keep a minimal site interesting.


Adding subtle touches of animation to your site is a great way to keep it engaging for your readers, even if your company’s services aren’t anything out of the ordinary. A great way to use animation is to incorporate it into the site’s basic functions. Having a menu bar that is animated – for example, maybe it unfolds or drops down when you scroll over it – is a great little detail that shows professionalism. Little animations that react to the pass of a mouse is another great way to engage your readers.


Instead of having a short main menu with several different pages to choose from, keep most of your content on one long-scrolling page. This lets your site read like a newspaper or book, and saves the reader the trouble of having to search for important information in the menu bar. It also keeps readers engaged, because they’ll want to keep scrolling to see what’s coming next. Just be sure to keep each scrolling page relatively basic, otherwise it can be overwhelming for readers and may not even load.


We are all familiar with the use of cards at this point, because they have been popularized by sites like Pinterest and Facebook. Essentially, each card groups together pieces of information on one topic. These are a great feature for your website because they are very intuitive, and provide a huge range of possibilities when it comes to designing your site. You can organize them however you want, with grids being one of the easiest ways to put them together. You can also opt for a split-screen, with one large image on one side and smaller cards on the other.